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Physical theatre and movement course 

'Wakeful inner movement'

Dates: 1 september - 31 January

Location: Pardes Hana

How can performance art be a tool of Liberation?

How can performance art be a gateway to transformation? 

A four and a half month course which gives tools of laban technique and michael chehov technique in aim to support people to create performance pieces which rise from their bodies, which touch upon topics which are important for them as human beings today.

Facebook event (in hebrew)

WOMEN TONGUE  - Be'er Sheva IsraelPalestine

Deep ecology and performance for women

Dates: April 11

What is the role that performers have in the world today? What is my responsibility as an artist? Am I moved by what i see around me? What space do I need in order to touch upon what I care about, to be vulnerable, and to create a daring performance piece with what i find there? This is a safe space for women to ask and create with these questions.

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Facebook event (in hebrew)

REBELS OF PEACE - Sacred Activism & Political Action

Dates: 13.5 - 19.5

Location: ‘Community Sulzbrunn' Allgäu-region South Germany

Our aim is to bring together pioneers and masterminds of a synthesis of spirituality and political action into a creative network meeting, but also to present it to the interested public and, moreover to stimulate and facilitate a transfer of knowledge between 'old' and 'young' generations of activists.

We believe that Western culture is at a turning point. The current climate and world crisis, but also the political-economic-military development, as well as the new nationalisms urgently need a new culture of commitment to a sustainable world.

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WALDEN - Performance rites of passage for young people

Dates: 3.6 - 10.6

Location: Kemnetz Germany

PROJECT PEACE - Performance rites of passage for young people

Dates: 11.5 - 16.5

Location: ‘Community Sulzbrunn' Allgäu-region South Germany


Dates: 18.5 - 21.5

Location: London 

A retreat exploration with young facilitators, deep ecology guides, ritual creators and performers. 

Guiding questions of what are the rituals/performances to be created for our times. 


Dates: 12.6 - 14.6

Location: Brussels


Dates: Online & On-going

The circle of future grandmothers is all at once a community, a space to meet one another, a sharing of our story and a collective body of work on the vision we hold for the future of our world.We bring the practical elements of Ecotherapy and Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects to life, doing exercises together which help us to release into what it means to live as a Future Grandmother.

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